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Your mission should you choose to accept it

Welcome undercoders! This site is intended for anyone who is looking to get a close-up look at the life of a coder and wanting to learn some interesting technologies. Within this site’s coding articles, various software development topics will be discussed ranging from the softer topics such as tips to for a successful career in software development to more technical topics such as microservices architecture set up using Azure functions. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer for a custom software company in the Atlanta area. My areas of expertise range from developing custom software with various technologies to leading development teams and mentoring developers through their coding careers. View more about what this site has to offer on the About Us page.

I want to be completely clear that by no means do I view myself as an expert in all technologies or even on most topics. I will, however, do my best due diligence to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible by citing any references or resources used in each post. With that said, I would like to set the precedent that anyone can and should feel free to comment, scold, criticize or try to discredit any coding articles on this site. I am a huge proponent of constructive criticism for self-improvement. The one thing I will ask is for anyone who wants to comment on anyone else’s comment, please refrain from any derogatory, hateful or discriminatory language. Other than that one stipulation, I hope everyone feels open to express their views and hopefully we all learn something along the way. View the content and free source code within this site’s coding articles.

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